Today’s Absurdist Parenting Nugget

October 16, 2009

Wondering how to enjoy Halloween with your kids while keeping them safe? AlphaMom (trademark!) has the answer, and it is completely ridiculous: “Trunk or Treat” parties.

How cute!

A Trunk or Treat is a mash-up of the traditional trick-or-treating and tailgating parties. Instead of visiting houses door-to-door to collect candy, an event is organized in parking lots and the trunks of cars are set up like mini Halloween stations. Kids visit each car to collect candy in the safety of school and church parking lots.

(Some admittedly cute pics of kids and their Halloween “trunks” here.)

This is parenting + American car culture on steroids. I find it quite depressing. Here is yet one more reason to spend most of your life inside of an automobile.

Seriously, the trunk of a car? How lame is that? Is your neighborhood really that dangerous? I doubt it. Aren’t we supposed to escort our kids on their Halloween rounds anyway, and before dark? And can we bend our minds around public spaces that aren’t “school and church” … synagogue, mosque, library, city park, VFF Hall, Elks shrine …

Really, the people who NEED this advice, those struggling parents who actually LIVE in a neighborhood where you have to worry about safety, might be a little more used to diversity than whoever it is that is the target for this stuff.

I live in what you might call an “inner city” neighborhood in Chicago, and yet somehow we of all races and a good range of income levels manage to go Trick Or Treating on Halloween, in the dark, the way you’re supposed to, i.e., on foot and in the neighborhood. No trunks needed.


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