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June 9, 2015

I’m going to start blogging here again after not blogging here for six years. It feels like being single again after having been married for six years, or maybe being married after having been single for six years, or getting out of prison, or maybe going into prison,  I’m not sure which. But there’s a lot of good stuff in the archives, mostly about parenting during my son’s first two or three years of life. It chokes me up to go back through it, especially because when I wrote it, it was so immediate. And now it is not. That focus is reflected in the blog’s title.

I’m going to shift that focus a bit, mostly to suit whatever I want to write about, just because I need to write the way Old Faithful just needs to blow some steam every few hours. For me, language is not something you use, or dip into once in a while. It is the ether of existence, the stuff of life. You either live in language or you don’t. It’s pretty easy to identify who does and who doesn’t.

It’s also a way to get myself to at least write something every few days, which is like making sure I get to the gym. Because the whole point of most of what I read and most of what I write is to write other stuff that is bigger and better and stitches together all the patches into some enormous crazy quilt of meaning. So welcome to the gymnasium of my mind. There will be much about books and literature, and if you haven’t read what I’m reading you probably won’t care, and that’s fine with me. There will be stuff on parenting, and maybe even cycling, which I’m almost sure you won’t care about. And there will also be stuff about various research I am doing for a historical novel that I can guarantee you won’t care about. And that’s fine, too.


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